Are strip games more fun outdoors?

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      Of course, it increases the risk level a little but also lots of people find it exhilarating to feel the breeze on their bare skin too.

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      I’ve never played one completely outdoors but it does sound like a good thing to do. We do forfeits outside. Years ago we must have been highly visible in a very overlooked garden but nobody ever objected. I wouldn’t do that now.

      Yes, air on skin is a wonderful feeling.

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      Thinking of the feeling of air on skin, I finally managed to do a naked experiment I’ve been wanting to do for some time. It felt really good with the heating turned down a bit and blowing across me from the fan.

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      I hadn’t really thought about it before but I think that you probably would feel more naked being naked outdoors. When you are naked indoors you are in a fairly secure place so even though you are naked you are still concealed within a house, so not many people are going to see you unless they are in the house. But when you are naked outdoors you never know who is just going to show up and happen to see you as you are right out in the open more completely exposed where if you were inside where you would still have some cover.

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      In my younger days I had a few friends of both sexes and we used to get together as often as possible and go over the fields behind where I lived in kent and take a pack of cards or a board game and play out in the middle of the fields on a large rug . We often took some drinks and something to eat and we would be out there for hours . I leave the rest to your imagination .

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