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      My brother and I went and did a clothing optional 5k. This was the 2nd time we been here. The first a tour some food met friendly people. The second after the run my bro got sick. No medical called. Once he could we got clean up and shortly left once he was able to. We were told email for the butt pic taken at the end of the 5k we did. We were told anonymous complaints against us. We were not allowed back. For our privacy the letter would not be mailed. ( it was)  Now I understand there is what we experience, what others have experienced and the reputation of the place. I don’t understand what happened. We didn’t do anything wrong. This is my pov but guy in charge want less meat around? On other forums and sites we share what happened and are called liars. We are insulted and attacked. We know what we experience. We know what we saw and how we treated. We know places tend to have difference in cost or activities or rules with females to couples to single guys. Almost like we are being targeted. I apologize for the rant

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