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I used to get daily suggestions from all sorts of people, often people who found the site, threw all their ideas at me in a PM/e-mail, and then disappeared forever. There were two regular subjects, the first being how far the experiments can go in terms of pushing people (either from people who were scared of the possibilities or others who don’t believe the experiments go far enough). The second subject was when am I going to run experiments in other countries (esp. the US).

Sadly, things are much quieter now, with weeks going by between suggestions now but I still keep a list of the good ones (even if most need adapting to be viable in real life).

The strip search idea has come up a couple of times but the original suggestion was that a couple could sign up then, at a pre-arranged time, an “undercover officer” could arrive at their house and search both of them in their living room. It seemed to be a particularly viable concept as there’s no need to get a group together or even to organise a suitable venue. This means it could be organised at very short notice or even cancelled suddenly without penalty.

Most couples who discussed that or other experiences turned out to be an overly hopeful husband/boyfriend and a wife/girlfriend who wasn’t interested at all. It’s the same old gender imbalance again…

The prisoners idea is great, but I struggle to imagine getting enough people together and a large enough budget to get a plausible location (it’s hard enough to find viable normal locations!). I’ve lost count of how many locations I’ve checked out which turned out to be unsuitable. Privacy is the biggest problem. Rented rooms with CCTV, windows into public areas and doors that cannot be secured. We don’t want an experiment aborted because a staffmember pops in to check everything is okay, finds naked people and throws us all out!

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