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I think that is a good point, now that everybody has cameras in their phones it makes it harder for anyone to do anything in public without the possibility of having their image forever on the Internet. But I figure a person who is going to get naked in public probably isn’t shy about people knowing what they look like naked. I mean I can understand how you wouldn’t want naked pictures of yourself on the Internet, but if you aren’t embarrassed about being naked in public you probably wouldn’t be embarrassed about people having naked images of you in general, I would think.

However I can see that being a concern of privacy as you might be willing to attend a naked event, but you wouldn’t want a picture out there that somebody that you know might see, however unlikely that happens to be.

I guess it is true that people do enjoy naked women more than naked men in a public situation like that but I feel something like this would maybe normalize things and expose a double standard, that was sort of like the point. The idea of the men marching naked with dressed women would be like making a stand about how the female naked body is sexualized and everything like that, whereas the male body normally isn’t, but this would be a reversal of the usual norm. Plus women could enjoy it without feeling pressured to be naked themselves.