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I don’t think that a person wearing a wedding ring would be said to be wearing clothing as that’s more of an accessory. My general rules if you look at them and you can’t tell that they are wearing anything they are fully naked as far as I’m concerned. If their body is concealed in some way and they are not obviously naked and they are not naked period.

I feel like if you are wearing a mask or a hat or gloves or shoes that you are still technically naked if that is all you are wearing. Basically if you can see the body and the naughty bits I consider it to be fully naked. Although there is something that’s really attractive about a person who is completely naked except for one article of clothing, something about that just seems intriguing to me, it’s like they are naked but they are still somewhat slightly less naked than the other naked people around them who might be totally naked, as strange as that sounds.

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