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A few reasons to keep covered

  • As MrD.NUDE says, I’m not 27. I wouldn’t get a job modelling sportswear. I might be in with a chance of advertising kingsize chairlifts.
  • I’ve seen the very negative way some people react to things like World Naked Bike Ride
  • I’ve heard indirectly (so maybe untrue) of people getting into trouble at their work for nude, or even just a hint of nudity, in artworks
  • Naked men get accused of flashing. Naked women get accused of soliciting.
  • Some people enjoy being embarrassed so, by doing something I should be ashamed of, am I telling people I’m a masochist?

On the other hand

  • Body image problems can be serious and I’d be setting an example by not being ashamed of who I am
  • I get the impression that worries about nakedness are a weird British thing – the rest of the world has more sense
  • Getting naked is a very gentle way of being subversive
  • It’s fun

So I try not to be embarrassed or ashamed but the mood comes and goes. I might be wandering round the garden, or even a very quiet corner of a park, naked one day and hiding inside all my clothes the next.

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