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I did something like this once.   Well, not on a busy highway or for quite so long but still……

My husband and I were at a ‘adult’ resort in Jamaica.  There was a nude section of the beach but it was a long walk from the hotel part through the grounds and along a public area seen from a road.  When we went, I wore a bikini and we carried towels, etc.  Then we stripped off there.  When we were ready to leave my naughty husband grabbed up everything – including my bikini – and put it into our beach bag and started off toward the hotel.  He wouldn’t come back!   I had to walk the whole way back naked.  ‘Seen by loads of people who were on the road.  Then through the hotel grounds and lobby and to our room.  I got lots of looks and smiles but never a complaint.  I know it was against the resort’s rules but……

I pretended to be mad at my husband but  actually, it was fun.   He knew I’d like it.  ‘Just had to be ‘pushed’ into doing it.

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