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    Maybe more for women than men, touch is quite complex. In a NE setting, you wouldn’t be groping or prodding someone but neither would you be caressing them. Given that it’s an experiment, you could hopefully at least put a hand on them and get them to say how awkward it feels. I assume that nobody would mind a hand on their elbow but most would be challenged by one on their genitals. You could ask them how their feeling changed, if at all, if you started moving your hand instead of keeping it still. I saw a survey a while ago asking people to colour in an outline drawing of a person with red for “do not touch” and green for “not a problem” and I think it had different pictures for different relationships – stranger, colleague, friend, best friend, partner and so on. The BBC has a few programmes next week about touch – maybe the survey was for that.

    I think for me it would be a challenge to be touched “everywhere” but I’d give it a go. If I took part in an experiment I’d expect it to push my boundaries a bit, and having them pushed would be part of the fun. I imagine it would be different if it was a man or woman touching me, and also if one or both of us was blindfolded. Being explored by a blindfolded person sounds like fun. Being touched while blindfolded sounds quite challenging (in a good way).

    This reminds me a bit of the bucket list exercise that someone did here a few weeks/months ago. He was asking what activities would be easy and which would be more difficult. A similar exercise for touch would be interesting, but – unlike a bucket list – it might not make much sense without actual touching involved.

    (This is still my favourite video, by the way.)

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