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    • Adults want to protect children from all manner of threats
    • Some adults see any kind of nudity as a threat (because it’s about sex? because it’s disgusting?)

    On the other hand

    • We all have bodies
    • They probably see family members naked occasionally
    • People at the beach wear very little
    • Presumably kids are welcome at naturist venues
    • Far too many people have “issues” about their own bodies
    • (Just my own experience) my daughter never minded seeing topless women on the beach, even close-up, when she was maybe around 5. (In Bournemouth, of all places!)

    So I do understand why some people think differently but I have no problem at all with people of all ages seeing each other naked, in fact I think it’s positively beneficial. On the other hand, I do have a problem with people inflicting artistic performances on children who were inevitably going to get bored. Seeing naked people won’t put them off nudity for life but being so bored could easily put them off theatre 🙁


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