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Hi Ed,

It would be fun to be naked in front of a nice attentive audience like this.  Bit as for these performers, well, I don’t think I’d have the energy to do all the tumbling action.  Now the intimate parts near the end would be something else!  I’d love to do something like that with my husband if I could persuade him to do it nude.  I wonder how far these two went before their act ended.


New topic:   Ed, I have been trying to send a “Thank you for being my friend” note to ‘vichuraguanth’ and ‘Auxilia’ but I have been unable to do it.   I go to ‘message’ and ‘compose’ and put their names into the address bar, then I get a red notice telling me I must add a recipient.  I know it’s just me being clumsy.  What are the correct steps for sending a private message to another member?

Thanks!  Susan  😉

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