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I think going topless at a public beach in the US would be exhibitionist.   Not so much in Europe where it is much more common.   I almost got into trouble once for being topless on a public beach where, I guess, it was not allowed.    Two policeman came along and the older one sent the younger one to tell me I must put my top on or he could give me a ticked for ‘indecency’.    Well, he was cute so I just said “Yes sir.”  and put the top of my bikini on.   But I couldn’t help noticing that his face got kinda red and his eyes were on my little boobies the whole time he was talking to me.    After the two of them left, I took my top off again and a few people nearby, who had seen the whole thing, clapped for me.

All through the incident, my husband just sat by and didn’t say a word!!!  🙁      But afterword he told me he’d noticed the older policeman standing back and trying not to laugh at his younger partner as he did his public duty.   😉

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