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Maybe a poll would be too simple though. Arthur has carefully thought about a range of issues and I don’t know how you’d meaningfully capture that in a poll. I have a number of thoughts, but they’re a bit disconnected.

  • I agree there’s a lot of power in clothes and a lot of submissiveness in being the only one naked. Power gets abused.
  • On the other hand, female strippers who I’ve seen interviewed relish the power they have over the audience
  • I’ve only known one man who ever joked about getting naked, and that was about everyone in the group getting naked for some reason. The men looked at him blankly, the women laughed. I’ve known probably about three women who have joked about themselves getting naked individually, one wanting to dance in a hailstorm, one very drunk at a party (you’ll be glad to hear we wouldn’t let her strip!), and one thinking she might do a naked calendar.
  • Thinking of naked calendars, they do seem to be mainly women although there’s one coming out soon from near where I live that is a mixed group.

===Added later===

  • I’ve just remembered another occasion where the women seemed comfortable talking about flashing (ok, not complete nakedness). My wife used to be a school teacher and we went to an end-of-term staff party. It was one of the men’s birthdays and one of the women decided someone should show him her breasts as a birthday present. They started debating who it should be. Unfortunately, my wife said it was time to leave so I never did find out what happened!

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