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Being seen naked through my clothes by somebody with special powers might be slightly similar to dreaming about being naked in public, especially if hardly anyone notices. Or maybe nobody notices but I’m scared that the woman I’m hoping to go on dates with will notice and decide I’m bad news.

This is Tara Fitzgerald having a nude dream in Sirens. She doesn’t realise she’s naked at first, but then does. Maybe that’s a bit like suddenly realising somebody is looking straight through your clothes.

The power dynamic is interesting too. What if somebody with x-ray vision could only use it when they had some power over somebody. They can see me naked through my clothes because they know my secret or because I owe them money or a favour or something. Maybe I lose a party game and as a result somebody, but I don’t know who, can see through my clothes. If I guess who it is, they see my clothes again.

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