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Well, first of all, it’s none of my business, or your ex’s, or your husband’s, how you choose to present your body to the world. They can have opinions of course, as have I, but not make rules.

When I was first going to a public swimming pool in the 1970’s, we often saw hair around the edges of bikini bottoms and thought it was normal, if very slightly careless perhaps. These days, at the top of someone’s legs, it looks untidy and not erotic. It satisfies my curiosity about how much shaving a woman does but that’s all really. A little exposure of well trimmed bush over the top of a bikini is very attractive. I was near someone on a beach on holiday who kept pulling her bikini bottom up slightly at the front because some hair was visible. The best part was that to do this, she pulled her bikini bottom very slightly away from her body so she was unknowingly flashing her pubes for split seconds.

I felt very juvenile watching this but it made the day more interesting!

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