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Well, my personal preference is also for ‘natural’ but…. with certain reservations.   I was so thrilled when I started to grow my pubic hair because it meant that I was becoming a ‘big girl’.  I always let it be natural all through school until I saw a lot of other girls my age and older shaving it off.  I had to try that of course.  ‘Didn’t like it.  It was a lot of work to shave it all off, I nicked myself a couple of times and…. it itched awfully.   So I let it all grow back.   But I had a couple of bikinis that were cut kinda narrow and so there was hair sticking out the sides by my legs.  I thought this looked tacky and unkempt.  So I shaved the hair on the sides …. and still do for the same reason.   Later, at the insistence of one boyfriend, I shaved it all off again.  (He said it got in the way of his tongue!)   Well, it still itched and soon, after I got rid of him, I let it grow back again.   Nowadays, after much advice from my husband, I shave the sides well in but leave a wide ‘landing strip’ in the center.  Bob likes it that way and I do too.   Some of you guys on N.E. have seen the full frontal photo of me on the website so you know what I mean.   😉

I do have two thongs that are cut really low in front and allow a bit of hair to show above the top edge of the fabric.   Somehow, this seems different from letting hair show out the sides.   Don’t know why but… I kinda like letting this show at the beach.   I’ve gotten a lot of nice looks and no complaints and my husband loves it that way so I guess I’ll leave it.  What do you guys think?

XXX Susan


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