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Dare Challenge number 1 kept up a bit of pace until near the end. That was part of the fun. I wasn’t simply (and fairly pointlessly) putting revealing photos of myself on the internet, I was joining in with a game and accepting challenges which pushed my comfort zone (in a good way!). I don’t get the impression that we’re ready for the second set of dares yet. I think we should leave it for a while and see if we get more participation. We should do at some point but it doesn’t seem to be catching enough interest at this time of year.

I have a friend A. She has a friend B who is a wind-up merchant. (For example, B organised A’s hen do and told A she’d need to get a bikini wax a few days before the party. It turned out it was just to make her nervous.) B has a friend C. This is C doing the ice bucket challenge. C had already agreed to take the challenge but B dared her to do it in a strapless bikini, with predictable results. Her friends and family were there, by the way.

The dare wasn’t to put a topless photo on the internet, it was to do the ice bucket challenge in a strapless bikini with quite a few friends and family there. It’s sort-of the same for me with the dare challenges. The fun desn’t come from just getting naked, it comes from being part of something that involves quite a few Naked Experiment supporters and followers.

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