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I like the idea in principle but I can’t get my head round the practicalities. We’d all need to be available at the same time, and “available” would have to include being guaranteed enough privacy to play in peace. A one-on-one game would be easiest to organise but – for me – not much fun.

Thinking of games though, I’ve had half an idea for one. Somebody starts us off by giving us a theme and we each have to find an image online that illustrates the theme. It would have to leave some scope for creativity – “find an image of a naked foot” would be far too specific. After a week, we vote to decide who had the best image and who had the worst. The person with the worst one has to take something off and post a photo as evidence. The person with the best entry sets the theme for the next round.

As a different variation, the winner could maybe dare the loser to do something, especially if the winner had to do the dare as well.

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