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If I didn’t accept the possibility that an image would be shared, I wouldn’t post it at all. It’s possible I’d be more adventurous in some ways (more explicit poses perhaps???) if the intended audience was just participants but I don’t really know yet. I’d still assume the image could potentially be shared more widely, but at least I’d know that I’d originally posted it for a specific reason.

It would be a different experiment. We’ve now done an experiment about how far people will go with a general audience.  If we tried limiting the audience to just participants, the new experiment would be about how far people will go with a limited audience.

It would be interesting to know what stopped people, including me, doing the delivery dare. For me, the reason was that I didn’t want to involve a stranger in what I was doing. My speculation is that if a naked woman came to the door, the delivery person would assume it was a dare and congratulate her. If a naked man came to the door, I wonder if the delivery person would see it as an aggressive act