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Regarding being caught, I definitely don’t want to annoy or upset or scare anyone. That’s a problem in society – being offended by nakedness is insane but it’s a reality. I was confident I’d see people walking from far enough away to have time to cover up. What was less predictable was people driving. The road I used has quite a bit of forestry traffic but that’s big, slow and noisy so plenty of warning. It also serves quite a few carparks for tourists, dog walkers, and general outdoor enthusiasts so there was a chance that cars, maybe several at once, would appear. I thought about that. I decided that if someone slowed down to ask me what the hell I was doing, I’d tell them it was a dare and hope they understood and ideally laugh. If anyone was annoyed enough to stop, it would be their problem not mine, but I really didn’t want to annoy anyone so although it was a small risk, it was on my mind. By far the biggest risk would have been cyclists but I decided to assume that all cyclists are friendly to naturists!!!

The local newspapers round here can be very old-fashioned and they do sometimes report that the police are looking for an alleged naked hiker or whatever, but the stories never get any further than that. I guess some people equate all public nudity with “flashing” (in a sexual assault sense)  and maybe someone standing naked by a road could be described as “flashing at passing motorists”.

I decided that the risk was small, I’d use the “doing a dare” excuse, and it did turn out to be very good fun on the day 🙂