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How about asking for videos? We’ve done a couple of dares that involved standing by a road. I found quiet road, listened carefully for any cars coming, and relied on a time delay on the camera (10 seconds I think) so I was only naked in the road for probably less than a minute. There was a real chance of being caught but only a small one. I got undressed and dressed outside the car but that doesn’t really count as I could have jumped into the car at that stage if necessary. Asking for videos of a certain length, even just a minute, would make the dare a lot scarier to do!

Having said that, I could imagine myself doing the open space one that way but standing by an open road for that long might be pushing it – I don’t want to scare anyone! Also, for people like me who hide our faces, we’d presumably need to do the video whilst (at least) blindfolded which increases the scariness again and runs the risk of making it a bridge too far for some people, maybe including myself.

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