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So, I tried to make a reservation with them… First of all, it’s not possible to book directly on their website or any third party website, one has to send them a request, not something I like…

I sent a request for next month for the cheapest room available, listed at 59.50€ (half board). They answered the following day stating that the room requested was not available but they had a few rooms left in the above category. For that room, listed at 69.50€, it would cost me 129€ per night (!). Correct me if I’m wrong but nowhere on their website is stated that there is an almost 90% surcharge for single occupancy… OK, still wanting to go I confirm that I want the room. There come another email, stating that as this is the last room available, the price will be 143€ per night !!!

I find this kind of practice totally unacceptable, needless to say I will not set a foot in this place !