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Regarding archiving past dares in a private forum, I don’t know whether that would make people curious enough to join in or if they would be more resistant to joining if they didn’t know what they were letting themselves in for.

Regarding how public the photos really are though, we have to assume that they’re public even on a closed forum.

Regarding calling something obscene, that’s a bit like calling something pornographic – it depends on who is using the words. Personally I’d prefer to keep things simple clean fun, but to go a lot further here are a few quick random ideas from me about obscene/pornographic, but I have no doubt other will have different views (and I haven’t given them a lot of thought myself):

  1. Being touched anywhere for fun when naked – probably ok
  2. Being touched erotically when naked – probably not ok
  3. Open leg shot – obscene for a woman, ok for a man (although we do use opening legs as a dare for both when we’re playing games – I think it would be different for photos. For men (obviously) we have also used “show your testicles” as a slightly more daring form of “pull your pants down” but that was when we were first starting out.
  4. Slight sign of sexual arousal – ok for either
  5. Extreme sign of sexual arousal – not ok for either
  6. Masturbating – probably obscene but maybe ok for a few moments
  7. Penetration – normally obscene
  8. Bondage – normally ok
  9. Simple public nudity – more complicated when there’s a risk of upsetting someone

The site is called Naked Experiment so I completely agree it would be fun to see how far people would go. I don’t think I’d do many of those myself, but then I didn’t think I’d do all the dares we’ve had so far. They’re more challenging than I was expecting – I’m used to being naked but the “dares” setting does make it more exciting somehow.