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@ed @nakedone The challenge was to “Take a photo of yourself outdoors (ie with the sky above your head) using just ONE hand to cover your genitals” but this version of the photo doesn’t show that. I suggest we ask for the photo to be less cropped or replaced with one that shows the challenge being met. I don’t think it’s necessarily about insisting on including everything from head to knees (though that does make sense for all the dares we’ve done so far) – it’s more about the photo needing to include evidence that the challenge has been achieved. For this one, we need to see that the person is “using just ONE hand to cover your genitals”.

Somebody (sorry – can’t remember who offhand) remains anonymous by cutting their head out of the shot. A head-to-knees rule would mean that wasn’t allowed but maybe we need to let people remain anonymous by any sensible means.

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