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Park story..

Some of you may remember thos location. On the edge of a county park next to a road. This is on the path that goes right round the edge of the park. I drove in here after the town centre car park challenge. Sat in the car park to eat some lunch before setting off to find somewhere suitable to do the challenge. The full walk around the park is about 1.7 miles. I walked about a mile of it finding lots of places off the main path that looked suitable but they were off the path and felt a bit like cheating. So I headed back to the spot from the nighttime video. This is overlooking the lake on the centre of the park. Despite the car park being quite quiet there still seemed to be steady flow of people walking round the park. This particular location although quite a distance from the car park isn’t too far from an unofficial car park on the road which is used by dog walkers. So new people could show up anytime also cars could go past at anytime and there isn’t much cover if they do.

I stripped off and got dressed again pretty quick this time. As I was walking to pick up the phone and saw a couple with a baby stroller coming towards me. Close call but I got away with it again.


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