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It’s SO difficult to get a group all together at the same time. I reckon you need a group of interested people three or four times bigger than the target for the meetup. Some people can only do weekends, some just weekdays. Some will insist on daytime, others evenings. When you add in the travel limitations (where some people will only drive 10-20 miles or have to travel by train etc.) and other restrictions (must be equal male/female, must be single gender etc.) it really cuts down the numbers.

London is too far away for me, it would mean an overnight stay. I’d have to cover my accommodation and probably some of the travel cost to make it viable. If it was a fairly large event with a participation fee to cover the location costs, make it worth me taking a couple of days off work and raise some money to help with running this site, it would be worth it.

My long term aim is to run experiments/events to raise money to run the site and expand/improve it. An improved site with decent activities (and an advertising budget!) will be more likely to attract a decent amount of extra participants. If I could make it worth working on fulltime, bigger and better events become possible and so things improve again.  My first challenge is just getting the whole project to cover its costs.

Currently, I keep coming back to the need for a lot more active members of the community. That helps with all the problems.

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