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    @Prof Green

    I guess over time it would become normalized so maybe people wouldn’t be stareing or shocked as much but I still think that people are going to still be looking. I mean yes once you have been around family and friends and work colleagues who have seen you numerous times it would probably become more normalized and it wouldn’t be as shocking or as intense.

    However I think in the general population people are still going to look. I was chatting with a female nudist the other day who admited regardless of how attractive a guy is if he is naked she’s gonna get a good look in about it. If you see a naked man or a naked woman walking down the street, particularly if they are the only one naked, they are going to stand out and you are probably going to look and I think that people are probably also going to smirk and stare and snicker. Again over time it would probably become less but I still think it would be considered a source of amusement and titillation for the average person.

    I don’t think the medical situation that you describe can be comparable to being seen naked in public. In one case it’s a formal hospital setting with people who are used to seeing that in a clinical sense and still relatively private to the outside world, if you had to go naked everywhere you went out in public all the time encountering every day people who are not clinical about it that is a very different thing. I mean I have been in sort of situations and medical situations like that but I never really felt embarrassed by that because of the clinical nature of it.

    I mean I guess I would put it like this. It’s the difference between say going for your physical and having a female physician looking at you in a purely clinical detached sense of the word, very nonsexual very neutral, and say being out on the street and having an attractive dressed woman come up to you and start chatting you up looking you up and down with a smirk on her face and really eating it up, to me the two situations are completely worlds apart, and if you were in this situation yourself the later would be basically the much more common situation and reaction. You visit your physician once in a while, you see women in the public every time you set foot outside. Even just walking a few street corners tons of people will see you and it’s kind of hard to ignore since you know at least a few are getting off on it.

    But to come to your final point, which for me is kind of “the biggie” so to speak.

    “How do they feel about it themselves, now having to do something that has previously only happened to other people?”

    Here is where I feel it is almost sort of a case of poetic justice so to speak, karma! Now if I were in this situation and I were one of the people who wasn’t allergic to clothing I have to admit I would find seeing the people who were to be a source of utter hilarity. I mean it would be more entertaining for me if it was women naked, but even assuming it was just men naked, although I wouldn’t find naked men attractive, I would find it still hilarious, it would find it kind of interesting to see men sort of cringing and embarrassment in public as women were having a grand old time at their expense, it is great seeing women getting the upper hand all of the sudden while fully admitting if I were the one in that position it would be very very uncomfortable!

    Again I probably wouldn’t tease them so much myself and would be polite and respectful about it in public, but I would still be laughing on the inside and thinking that this was a pretty hilarious thing, all of these people forced to go naked in public, and the fact that their images would probably be all over the Internet for the picking. It would really be like sort of a golden age both of naked pictures and, if it were men specifically affected, female comedy! Female comedians would have it made out for them if a naked man is unfortunate enough to be in her audience!

    So now where that sense of poetic justice comes in, is me who finds this whole situation just a source of pure hilarity and delight, suddenly find it’s now my naked ass being exposed to the public everywhere I go, now it’s kind of not the same ballgame any longer! Having to do that for the first time, to go out naked for the first time and face the world knowing that I am sort of this minority that is literally defined by nudity, that by the population at large is probably seen as a source of amusement, especially if I had previously been in the privileged standpoint of getting to be an observer, would really be just totally turning my world around on its head.

    As a person who is a little bit two-faced about this in that I always say that the human body is no big deal and that nudity should be no big deal, while secretly being as bashful as a jaybird, to suddenly be thrust into this situation would be overwhelming. I mean I have a good sense of humor about this but being on the receiving end and constantly seeing all of the laughs and smiles of everyone as you walk out in public would make you really really feel how much you stand out.

    One of the more frustrating things is it’s kind of hard to snicker and smirk at the other naked people when you are naked person yourself. Even seeing other naked people say on the street and making eye contact with them it sort of like an awkward thing as though you are basically saying, yeah were both in the same boat, and now everybody is laughing it up and everything, and you kind of just have to take it and pretend it doesn’t bother you, but at the same time every time you leave the house you are being seen naked by new people. That’s what really is the thing, over time your friends and family and loved ones might get used to it, might be a little bit more sympathetic, but the population at large of strangers when they see you walking down the street are going to immediately take notice and be amused by or turned on b you. So every time you leave the house you are being exposed to new people every day, so although you would think that the feeling would diminish over time it probably wouldn’t really.

    And then it’s also kind of a weird thing where you have to say female friends joking about all of the naked guys and yet you are standing there naked. It’s almost like if somebody tells an uncomfortable racist joke and you don’t want to say anything, I mean if you are standing around your female friends and you see them looking at pictures of a naked guy in public and laughing about it while you are standing there naked and they are sort of staring at you and smirking it would be a really awkward and uncomfortable feeling.

    Again I have a great sense of humor but it’s easier to be the one laughing than being the one laughed at. I think that my friends would be nice about it and everything, but at some level you can’t help but think every time he you are with even platonic female companions who are seeing you naked and trying to hide a smile you can’t help but think that they are still finding this whole thing a real laugh riot and the joke is entirely on you!

    As you can see I put a ridiculous amount of thought into this which is precisely why if it did happen to me it would be kind of hard to think about anything else. I mean maybe a person who didn’t have this interest would be able to blow it off more, but I think for a person in communities like this who is actively fascinated by this to be in that situation it would become the total defining aspect of your life everywhere you go and you would never sort of be able to shake off that feeling of all eyes being on you all the time.

    And yeah I would be forced to go a thick skin about it and be forced to confront my own hypocrisy to a degree, and while I would celebrate this new development and how much fun that say my female friends might be having about it, at the same time to suddenly go from being that shy awkward guy who sits at a computer and discusses nudity from the ivory tower to suddenly walking down the street as a bunch of random women start whistling and hollering and shouting “here comes the naked guy” everywhere you go, yeah maybe in time you would learn to deal with it, but I think that every time it would still make me stop in my tracks, blush bright enough red that I could guide Santa’s sleigh from the other side of the world and feel that everything else in the world has gone away with the entire focus on my naked body. That is a feeling that I don’t think I would ever truly get use to no matter how long I had experienced it for. So yeah, it’s a good thing I do have a pretty good sense of humor! If nothing else at least my life would no longer be considered boring as I think people will find my existence a great source of delight, amusement and  titillation like I used to do fully dressed from the comfort of my computer in the privacy of my own home, just like I had before I suddenly found the shoe on the other foot, or rather found all the clothing off of the other foot!