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To expand slightly, I don’t want to scare off any more women, but I don’t think I will. This hasn’t been touched on specifically in the experiments, and I think it should. There are different levels of exposure.

It was noticeable in Experiment 1 or 2 was it? when the members of the same sex had to pose their person, the women immediately bent the lady over with legs apart, exposing all her most intimate areas. They also placed her so she could see everyone gazing at her. It must have been in their mind that both this would be the position that would have made them feel the most exposed and vulnerable, also that your next card may have been that the posers had to adopt the same position, so clearly it wasn’t something they weren’t expecting to or prepared to have to do themselves.

A thought for if we do ever get another experiment going.

ps I can’t remember have you got a current application in for me, or do I need to fill another in?