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Is “naked experiences” a closer fit than “naked experiments”?

I’m currently sitting here naked typing this. I forced myself into that situation a while ago by telling myself I’d strip when the jar of coffee was empty, which it nearly was this morning, so I just wore a dressing gown knowing I’d have to take it off at lunchtime. When the time came, I wasn’t in the mood for being naked – it wasn’t something I particularly wanted to do. When that’s happened before, I’ve cheated and allowed myself to get naked later in the day, sometimes with a forfeit like having to strip outside, but this time I made myself stand up, unfasten the belt, pluck up the courage, take the dressing gown off, and walk around the (fortunately currently empty) house.

As a fantasy, it would be a lot better – a very much lot better – if someone had ordered me to strip and made me do a forfeit if I was too slow, but there’s nobody around to do that, so the question is – what is the point of stripping naked if nobody has told me to and nobody knows? So I’m posting this message as a dare to myself

  1. Strip completely naked as soon as the coffee jar is empty
  2. (forfeit for nearly not doing it) Post on NE telling folks that I’ve done it

I guess nobody wanted to know any of this. It’s not very exciting news. If I took a photo it wouldn’t be attractive. But if one of the “core ideas” of the community is discussing naked experiences, that can be useful sometimes. I got naked. I’m mentioning it in the conversation. There aren’t many places to do that.

(Chatting at work…)

  • “How was your weekend?”
  • “It was good. I went to the park and asked a stranger to strip me naked”
  • “Oh, that’s nice. I went shopping and bought some coffee.”

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