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    I used to work in an office on the tenth floor, in the corner. In the interior of the floor were cubicles where the secretaries worked, but my office, as well as the others arranged along the windows, were private offices with doors.

    One time I happened to be at the office very very late, maybe 3 or 4 in the morning. I was done with whatever I was working on. It was very quiet, naturally. The way the floor was organized, there was a pathway that ran parallel to the window offices and that separated those offices from the cubicles. So it was like an open corridor that went around the floor in a large square, maybe 200 or 300 feet on two sides, and maybe 400 or 500 feet on the other two sides, with another corridor that ran through the middle of the cubicles forming as a result two groups of cubicles.

    Anyway, I was the only one in the building, except for a security guy who generally stayed on the ground floor. I removed all my clothes, leaving them in my office, and started walking along the open corridor, between the windowed offices and the secretarial cubicles. I explored the entire walkway system, and it was quite exciting as I got as far away from my office as I could get. It felt so good to be completely naked in such an environment, and I was quite aroused, as well. I returned to my office and got dressed.

    It was exciting but also a dumb thing to do, and would be especially stupid nowadays, given that more and more cameras are used in interior spaces.

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