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    @Prof Green

    I actually brought up this question on the lit erotica forum and the hostile reception I received was actually quite shocking. I think when it comes to issues of nudity and sexual objectification and stuff there are some people who get really intensely angry at you if you even suggest the idea that there is anything shameful about nudity. When it comes to these things I really am surprised at how negative the reception can be sometimes.

    Of course I agree that people shouldn’t be ashamed of their bodies, but the fact is in this society most people are and it’s drilled into you from a young age. To me I feel like a situation involving nudity or nonmutual nudity or CFNM and stuff like that probably wouldn’t even exist if we grew up in a world where nudity was just normal because they would be no real sexual charge to it.

    To me the shame and the embarrassment and humiliation that is partly what makes it exciting. I don’t know if it’s just the taboo nature of it or just because those feelings are something you can’t control, it’s just programmed into us from society. Aside from nudists most people who when they are naked around people who are dressed or just make it in general is a very intensely charged situation. Should nudity be a big deal? No, but it certainly is for most people and again I don’t necessarily think that is totally a bad thing.

    And once again it is conditioning. Like I am a really sexually liberal person and I don’t think that there is anything shameful or wrong about nudity, I’m very open about sexuality in general, and yet if I were stripped naked by a bunch of dressed women I would be trembling, blushing and probably being barely able to speak from the intensity of it. So however open I am to the idea of nudity the actual experience of nudity is something that is conditioned into you and I don’t think that will ever really change. Even if societal attitudes change towards extreme body acceptance and regular about people being naked in public I don’t think I could ever go naked in public naked around other people without feeling it to be an extremely charged and intense experience.