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People of any age can be attractive, but appearances obviously change. The changes themselves are interesting.

I discovered recently that the parents of some of my in-laws (large family) used to play some fairly tame stripgames when they got together, particularly at Christmas. We found some photos where they were flashing each other in their underwear so not technically nude but definitely heading that way. It’s strange that the surviving ones are now very old.

I took a jacket to a seamstress once for repairs. She had taken early retirement from a business so must have been late 50s/early 60s. On her wall were large high-quality photos from her younger days as an underwear model. She was very proud of them. It was a bit odd to be in the room with her in her skimpy underwear.

Yes, being drawn would involve being quite closely scrutinised. I never discussed this with my friend’s flatmate (“M” the reluctant model), but my friend (“A” the artist) just told me her friend was sick of being her model. I never saw the drawings but they must have been quite close-up as the rooms in their flat were small. “A” was quite touchy-feely so I can imagine her physically arranging “M”‘s body in the poses “A” wanted, and I can’t imagine that all the poses were tame and discreet. I’m not surprised “M” had had enough. I sent “M” a few family photos a couple of christmases ago (we’re hardly in touch but catch-up every few decades) and she replied to say she avoids having her photo taken these days because she got put off being photographed when she was “A”‘s reluctant model, so it sounds as if she was in lots of naked photos too. I know “A” did her own photo processing so it’s entirely possible.


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