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@Prof Green

“I suppose the problem is that a bit of playful consensual submission or domination is always good fun but coercion, either through force or circumstances, is always unacceptable. I’m still going through a (hopefully temporary) phase of wishing someone would make me strip naked at a social gathering but I’d be doing it out of devilment, not out of a need to pay off a dept that had got out of hand.”

While I wouldn’t want to be coerced into getting naked but in my particular scenario it wouldn’t be someone coercing you into getting naked, if you literally had analogy to clothing it wouldn’t be somebody forcing you into that, it would simply be that you have to be naked simply because you are allergic to clothing.

That’s where I think that the element of excitement would come. I would never willingly go out naked and parade around naked in front of everybody that I know, but if I couldn’t wear clothing it would sort of force me into that situation. It’s like an exciting situation that I would never willingly put myself in but now that I’m stuck in the situation I can’t help but find it exciting even if it’s excruciating.

Once again as a shy person I would never be able to do that on my own but if circumstances beyond my control did it I would sort of be forced to be pushed out of my shell and my comfort zone and learn what it is to be socially naked around other people who get to stay dressed.

“You could have a rule that people had to be naked on their birthdays (the origin of “birthday suit” perhaps??) or you could make it like jury duty so a few random people had to spend the day naked. Offenders would of course be publically stripped, tied, and paraded around the village. (Which is fine as it’s fiction, so I’m not contradicting myself, honest!!!) (Yeah, right.)”

Great minds think alike I guess! I actually did write a story once called My Birthday Suit Birthday and I actually did yet another one called America’s Birthday Suit Birthday about someone getting naked in a Fourth of July parade!

And the novella that I just started writing yesterday and that I should be working on now instead of posting on stuff on the Internet lol, is about a world where criminals are punished by being sentenced to nudity in addition to whatever other prison time or fines that they have as a way of shaming criminals and letting them be easily identified, although it’s a conflict for people who are recreational nudists as they feel that people will think that they are criminals. But the main character is going to be a guy who gets caught forcibly stripping a woman naked and his punishment is then extremely ironic and perfect poetic justice.

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