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@Prof Green

“One thing I often wonder about when looking at photos or videos of “real life” nakedness is what impact it had on their relationships. The Naked Office TV series (or maybe a one-off) was a slightly artificial but realistic example, but I’ve mentioned before the time I saw a mixed group of friends and/or colleagues playing football topless on the beach. What if I suddenly met a friend topless/nude on the beach on holiday? What if a group of colleagues went on a business trip to somewhere that had meetings in naked saunas? Is “just” being topless fairly neutral compared with full nudity?”

I’ve never heard of the naked office TV series but I googled it and it looks like an interesting series. I couldn’t imagine what would be like having lots of coworkers and all going to work naked. Would that be like a teambuilding exercise or wood that just make everything extremely awkward. I feel like it would be hard to concentrate on work if all of your coworkers were naked. A lot of people say when you are regularly naked you get used to it but to me it would still always feel kind of like a weird thing.
I feel it would be kind of weird if I saw casual female acquaintances nude or topless on a beach and I would probably feel very awkward and embarrassed about it particularly if they were attractive and it was getting me aroused is that just makes the situation a lot more awkward. To me topless isn’t as bad as fully naked but it still kind of weird and awkward.
When you talk about real life nakedness I feel that if the situation was mutual nudity that there wouldn’t be as much of an awkward charge to it. But I often think like if I got in a relationship with a woman where she got to see me naked and I didn’t see her naked where she actually had a picture of me naked that she could show to her friends with her dressed it would kind of be exciting to think about but also embarrassing, because it says sort of a thing about the person, look at the dressed person in control of the naked person.

“With Sue, we knew each other as part of a group that played stripgames now and again, so we all knew what each other looked like naked. Some of us still see each other from time-to-time and have “normal” friendships despite, or because of, the harmless fun we had in the past.”

I feel like a different situation if you’ve all played stripped games before and you are comfortable being naked around one another. That to me would be kind of different than if somebody saw me naked one time and I didn’t see her naked and then we had to continue interacting. Every time she looked at me or she smiled at me I would be kind of wondering if she was thinking ha ha I got to see him naked!

“A more recent friend, who unfortunately I will never get to spend naked time with, once told me how exposing it felt to be in the room with her current and former husband. The three of them have managed to become quite good friends, but she finds that aspect of it a bit challenging sometimes. That’s not the same as my own situation, but there are maybe some similarities.”

Yes that would feel rather weird because it’s like they have ended a relationship and yet their current husband and their former husband would know what she looked like naked and it’s almost like they can both look at her and maybe look at each other and be like yeah we know what she’s got underneath her clothing. The thing about somebody seeing you naked once or multiple times is that after that they always know what you look like for basically forever. Once you have been seen naked there’s no taking it back.
Like I think of a similar situation I am thinking let’s say I was with two women who had both seen me naked and I hadn’t seen them naked. They both know that they have seen me naked I can’t help but wonder if they are talking about it or if they are sort of standing there with me between them and thinking or laughing between themselves that they have a dirty little secret that hey they both are picturing me naked and that maybe it creates a bond between them.

But to me the one sided unfair nature of something like CFNM where you get seen naked but she doesn’t I think makes the whole thing more intense because it’s like she always has that little thing over you so to speak, she can always sort of hold it over you that she knows what you look like naked. Somehow that to me is a lot more powerful than mutual nudity.



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