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One thing I often wonder about when looking at photos or videos of “real life” nakedness is what impact it had on their relationships. The Naked Office TV series (or maybe a one-off) was a slightly artificial but realistic example, but I’ve mentioned before the time I saw a mixed group of friends and/or colleagues playing football topless on the beach. What if I suddenly met a friend topless/nude on the beach on holiday? What if a group of colleagues went on a business trip to somewhere that had meetings in naked saunas? Is “just” being topless fairly neutral compared with full nudity?

With Sue, we knew each other as part of a group that played stripgames now and again, so we all knew what each other looked like naked. Some of us still see each other from time-to-time and have “normal” friendships despite, or because of, the harmless fun we had in the past.

A more recent friend, who unfortunately I will never get to spend naked time with, once told me how exposing it felt to be in the room with her current and former husband. The three of them have managed to become quite good friends, but she finds that aspect of it a bit challenging sometimes. That’s not the same as my own situation, but there are maybe some similarities.

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