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@Prof Green

“Maybe it’s about the nature of the choice.”

Here that’s one of the perverse things about this, not just this fetish but other ones, but particularly this one, is I think that a lack of choice and some of these scenarios puts one into a really submissive position and that in and of itself can be what makes it somehow titillating. It’s like you wouldn’t willingly put yourself into this situation if you could avoid it, but now that you are in the situation you can’t help but be turned on by it even in spite of yourself.

Like I am not in the greatest economic position since I am a self published novelist but I basically live in my dads attic and rely on him financially. But I sometimes think it would be interesting, if the world were a different place, if I had to do something like a lot of women do and become a stripper out of necessity! You never really hear about men stripping out of economics necessity because I guess it doesn’t work that way, but I sometimes think would be interesting to have no choice but to be in a situation where I would have to take off my clothes for women.

It actually reminds me of something that this one person told me once, although unfortunately ironically he turned out to be kind of an abusive creep I later learned, I still think his words held true. He said that you can tell a lot about how a man thinks about women by how he treats waitresses and strippers because that is a situation where a woman is deliberately in a submissive position to you and basically has to submit to your desires in order to earn the money. Basically the more you submit to the person the more likely they are to pay you well.

I mean that’s a perverse and terrible thing when you really think about it, but it makes me think what what it really actually feel like for a woman to have that power where because of economic necessity she can waive a few bills it may and I have to get naked for her. And what if that other person happen to be a former stripper who was now much more financially secure and enjoying having the tables turned! I actually toyed with that idea and a couple of my stories, fictional mind you, but it’s an interesting concept.

Or just like my other scenario, an unrealistic and illogical fantasy-based one, about a world where 1% of people were 1% of a given sex are suddenly allergic to clothing, where public nudity is fully legal and common now.

I thought to myself even if public nudity were a fully legal thing I would never willingly go out naked in public where everybody can see me. However if I was allergic to clothing and couldn’t wear clothing and had no choice in the matter I would be forced to do so and that would be extremely titillating and arousing. Again you certainly wouldn’t want to be in a situation where you are not only naked in public around other people who get to stay dressed, and are visibly aroused on top of that, but if you were in that situation my God what it be the most intense erotically charged situation I could possibly imagine.

So yeah once again once the element of choice is removed somehow you are ironically more free to engage in these activities simply because you have no choice in the matter, and even if you wouldn’t want to be in those situations you nonetheless can’t help but get a little bit of a kick or a buzz out of it.

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