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@Prof Green

“Yes, part of the shared enjoyment for both of us was knowing we were doing something naughty that people don’t normally do but, come to think of it, Sue was entirely in control of the situation and she knew it, so she’d have enjoyed that too.”

I think that that is kind of interesting because I think another thing about CFNM is that it is sort of strangely unnatural even though it shouldn’t be. Given that men are always ogling naked women and that women are always getting undressed for men like that, it must be a weird thing for a woman to be standing there completely dressed and have a man stripped naked being able to do whatever the hell she wants with him, and I can’t help but think that that must give her a tingle in the loins and be like wow, this is an interesting novelty what can I do with this?! And I think that that weird curiosity, of a person experiencing that for a first time, is something that is extremely interesting to see.

Like when I think of the ideal CFNM partner I would think it was a woman who maybe hadn’t done it before never had the opportunity and now that she has the opportunity it’s like “hello, I’m going to have some fun with this!”

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