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As Ed and Gary say, Don’t worry about not fitting in @ibi2004. There are a wide range of interests, backgrounds, experiences here and that’s a big part of the site’s attraction. We all have our own naked experiences, and we have ideas about things we might want to try out but haven’t yet. Thinking back to a discussion from a few years ago, there was someone who couldn’t pluck up the courage to walk naked through his own house, discussing attitudes to nakedness with someone who regularly appeared as a naked “extra” in films. My own attitude depends on what mood I’m in. Some days, I’ll happily walk naked around my garden or a nearby quiet park, and love every minute of it. Another day, I can’t see the point of even having a coffee naked by myself in the kitchen. One day, I’ll worry about being seen, the next day I’ll let it all hang out – if anyone is offended, it’s their fault for looking.

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