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“nudists usually don’t find the idea of taking part in experiments all that interesting”

I’ve never really worked out how nudists differ from naturists, but I get the impression that people who spend time naked with like-minded folks as part of a wider lifestyle call themselves naturist, and it’s them who are opposed to equating nakedness with sex, and therefore wouldn’t join in with any sort of “naked experiment” (small n, small e).

Nudists, on the other hand, simply enjoy getting their kit off so would be completely happy doing naked dares.

I imagine nudists and naturists are equally at home doing naked protests, and would each enjoy naked stage performances though maybe for different reasons. I sit on the fence (painful when naked!) – I can appreciate a naturist lifestyle, especially the freedom it brings, but I enjoy pushing my limits with challenges, dares, or just new situations, and I’m always more curious about other people’s bodies than a pure naturist would be.

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