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Im interested, this community is a great place to be open and share experiences. I will try to get the photos done in the next couple of days.


As a future idea, could this be updated to be a little close to the original experiment concept.

2 people who live reasonably close to each other (I mean with a reasonable drive) get together. Same rules need  each photo as before i.e dressed then each item removed. But the other person strips you. Along with the photo you also have a all small gif or video of the other person stripping you if you lose the vote.

Obviously you would need to take multiple videos/photos so as to capture how each person is left after each vote.


So the two people will both get fully naked in front of the other person at some point and both will be in various states of undress while the other is naked too.


You will be fully naked while the other is fully clothed and vice versa.


Could also introduce bonus vote points. So one of the photos required here is covering genitals. Bonus votes could be for other persons hand, other persons head facing the camera or other persons head facing the naked person.


I can travel about 50 miles from Swindon of anyone is up for this and if ED can come up some rules around something like this.

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