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Prof Green
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It would stop me uploading photos I’d taken myself, which in practice means pictures of me.

I assume photos taken at naked events are subject to the same laws/rules/guidance/ethics as any other street photography, which seems to boil down to getting someone’s consent if they’re clearly identifiable in the photo. I sometimes put my “tourist” photos on social media and I occasionally pixellate someone’s face if they’re in clear view. It can very easily happen in cafes.

In the unlikely situation that I got someone to pose for me, I’d want to be clear with them about how they wanted the photos used. That’s not just about paid work – it would be the same if a topless woman was enjoying having her photo taken on the beach. Having an exhibitionist moment isn’t the same as giving consent for any use of the photos, even though there would be a huge risk that would happen.

Having said that, some of the best street photos from the past were taken covertly and show close-ups of individuals, but that was before the internet came along I suppose, and I’m always curious about other people’s body shapes so I take far too many photos with other people in the background.