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    The proportion of self-posted photos that are male (very nearly all of them) probably roughly matches the proportion of active visitors who are male. It’s a bit of a catch-22. The quickest way for a woman to increase the proportion of female photos is for her to post some of herself, but will she do that when nearly all the other photos are male? I doubt it. I shouldn’t name names, and my memory isn’t that good in any case, but the two active female members I recall, both used photos of themselves to illustrate stories. One was the tale of her modelling her new fur coat, and nothing else, to her husband. The other (recent) one was enjoying doing a series of dares.

    Is there a problem with photos that just say “look at me naked”? The only photo on this site that I’ve ever not wanted to see was just that. There was no context, just a naked photo with a caption telling people to look at it. I can see that kind of image could put people off, but also that different people will be put off by different kinds of photo.

    Are women and men equally happy with photos that illustrate stories? I expect so, but I have no evidence either way. The art videos tell stories, and so do the stripgame/ forfeit/ dare ones like poor Maggie having to strip for her friends. On another site I visit sometimes, men and women, probably more women than men, post fully nude images to get some feedback on how their diet or health recovery or whatever is progressing. They almost always leave their heads off the shot, so it really does look like a request for feedback, not a “look at me naked!!!!” picture.

    I’ve sometimes posted naked photos of me here. I’ve normally done that to illustrate a story or to make some kind of point about something or to try to be amusing, but I must also have posted some simply because I was in the mood to be seen naked and couldn’t be bothered to find a live audience. Maybe that’s not a good enough reason to post.

    And just while I’m here, when it comes to excessive or inappropriate messaging, do we actually need the facility at all? I used it once when someone was trying to arrange for me and him to do a “receive a delivery naked” dare together. It didn’t work out but it wasn’t a problem. I’ve had a few (very few) folks message me just to say hello, and that’s not a problem either. But neither of those was essential to keeping the community alive. Both conversations could have happened in public (except perhaps if we’d got as far as needing to swap email addresses). I don’t know what the “friend” facility is here for – I can’t think of a current use for it. Would the system support limiting messages to just friends? That way, a woman could ignore or decline friend requests and wouldn’t have to put up with any unwelcome or unpleasant text.

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