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We keep our forfeits very gentle.

When we first started out, one of them was just to stand naked on the table with your hands behind your back. The novelty wore off but it was scary the first few times. More recently, we’ve tied the victim’s hands behind the pole of a rotary clothesline in the garden. (That was inspired by the idea of tieing someone to a lamp post but we’ve never gone that far!) We’ve done hugging and kissing (but no tongues – we’re good friends!). My personal favourite is when the victim has to just lie there while everybody else touches them everywhere. The idea for that came from an Emmanuelle film. To add some variety, either the loser or by drawing lots, at least one person can be blindfolded. Another favourite activity is to do a chore outside that involves reaching up and moving around. Hanging washing out is a good one.

There’s always being spreadeagled on the floor of course.

We often play games that are not strip games. The loser, or the last one to finish, goes down to the end of the garden, strips naked, and then walks back with their hands behind their head the slower the better.

All of this is more fun than it sounds 🙂

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