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It has been many years ago, now, but I have experimented with nudist activities and found it very enjoyable.  My first big challenge I committed to was a stay at a nudist resort where I didn’t wear a stitch of clothing for three full days, wandered about the grounds, played pool volleyball, and even dined with nothing more that shoes.  I did always have a towel, required for sitting on rather than for covering up, which gave a little sense of security.  At another nudist resort, I shopped nudw in the gift shop and went on a small group hike which was a lot of fun.  I’ve also been to my local clothing optional beach.  The scary part of that, as someone going alone, is the possibility of  someone swiping my clothes and keys while going in the water.   So, the only time I ever wandered too far was when there was a nudist coup event and I staked my spot pretty close to them which made it feel a little more safe.  There is a huge difference being nude in those situations, where you don’t have to worry so much about being accepted but even there as a man there by myself, I did sometimes feel suspect.  But, it definitely feels so much better to be nude outdoors, with the sun and wind on your bare skin, and I try to be at least shirtless as much as possible, although I have always been very timid, about even that, and still struggle in very public settings.

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