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That is one of the key reasons for this community – to help people make that leap. Lots of people want to experience being naked in a variety of ways but are too shy to do so. The most interesting experiments involve people who are not body-confident and who find getting undressed in front of other people a real challenge.

When I completely re-worked the application process for the experiments, after speaking to a few people who were interested but put off by the application, many of the changes were to make it less daunting and less of a challenge in itself.

The experiment sessions also have the advantage that the results are not published in photos/video.

The Master Dare list does require a photo as proof (unavoidable as just taking participants word for it is going to be abused), but that photo is only published if you give consent. Those dares also begin indoors.

More than all of this, you don’t have to get naked in front of other people or outdoors in order to be an active and valued participant of our community. Take things at your own pace and don’t feel pressured to do anything you’re not happy with.

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